Reşadiye Granite Stone Wall Project

In a project completed by Bumer Stone in Istanbul Reşadiye, we brought the unique beauties of nature to your living space through the installation of stone walls and poolside paving with slab stones.

The focal point of the project is the walls created with natural stones. These stones, reflecting the texture of nature, stand out on the walls surrounding your home in harmony with the unique atmosphere of Istanbul Reşadiye. Known for their durability, these stone walls will age beautifully over time, providing a lasting aesthetic contribution to your living space.

Our poolside slab stone paving process is another aspect that stands out in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The specially chosen slab stones add an elegant texture and aesthetic layer to the pool surroundings, transforming this area not only into a visual spectacle but also into a practical and durable surface.

At Bumer Stone, we structure each project based on customer expectations and designs that harmonize with the natural environment. In this project carried out in Istanbul Reşadiye, we combined the stone walls surrounding your home and the poolside slab stones with the traces of nature, following our special design and harmony approach.

As Bumer Stone, we take pride in bringing the beauty of nature to living spaces through projects carried out in different regions of Istanbul.