Slate Stone

Slate Stone

Slate stone, with its fossil-like appearance, is typically black or gray in color. It can be used for both interior and exterior wall cladding, as well as for covering areas that involve heat, such as fireplaces and barbecue surfaces. Slate stone comes in various color tones and is often more cost-effective compared to other stones, making it a preferred choice. It is extracted from quarries and professionally processed to achieve its final form, providing resistance to external factors, wear and tear, and cracking.

A Modern, Strong, and Aesthetic Appearance

Slate stone is used as a roofing material in the restoration of old structures, while in modern buildings, it serves aesthetic purposes in door thresholds, garden landscaping, and window sills. It is also suitable for indoor spaces like ovens, chimneys, and fireplaces. Due to its ability to be cut into brick-sized pieces or even thin sheets, slate stone is one of the easiest natural stones to install.

Its ability to be used in a polished form on wet surfaces prevents slipping. Slate stone retains its color even when exposed to the sun and requires minimal maintenance. These features make slate stone suitable for various living spaces.

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