Travertine Natural Stone

Travertine Natural Stone

Travertine stones are chemical sedimentary rocks formed as a result of the precipitation of calcium carbonate when calcium bicarbonate-containing groundwater reaches the earth’s surface. Travertine stones are natural stones known for their porous textures. Blocks of travertine extracted from travertine quarries are processed in factories and used in various construction projects in cut-to-size forms.

Travertine stone has been used in numerous projects throughout the course of history. Travertine does not harbor harmful substances that threaten the environment or human health. It is used as polished, honed, and raw both for interior and exterior applications such as stair cladding and flooring.

Travertine stones have an appealing appearance with their veined structure, and one of their significant features distinguishing them from other building materials is their non-slip nature. They are most commonly preferred for wet surfaces, including poolside cladding, garden floorings, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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