Granite Natural Stone

Granite Natural Stone

Powerful Details Enriching Life…

Granite, a natural stone known for its long-term durability, is described as a large-crystal volcanic natural stone. Granite stones are also fascinating with their global journey. They belong to the cooled magma layer deep beneath the Earth’s surface, having undergone changes over time. Granite natural stone extraction involves the use of special equipment. Thanks to this equipment, granite extracted from underground quarries is much stronger than marble. Among natural stones that can be used in construction, granite is the most durable.

Impressive Texture and Timeless Patterns…

Granite natural stone has the characteristic of not changing its color or pattern in any project where it is applied. It stands out for its resistance to water, pressure, and even acids. Granite natural stone is suitable for use in many parts of living spaces. In indoor environments, it can be easily applied in kitchen/bathroom countertops, stair steps, fireplaces, tables, wall cladding, and various other areas. In outdoor environments, it is used in pavements, pools, arches, monuments, garden landscaping, barbecues, and many similar areas.

Enriching living spaces with its naturalness and strength, granite natural stone, with its feature of not harboring bacteria, is also a valid choice for human health.

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