Basalt Natural Stone

Basalt Natural Stone

The Power that Defies Water’s Continuity…

Basalt natural stone, a type of stone of volcanic origin, possesses a strong texture that doesn’t disperse in water. Even when broken or cut, it maintains a smooth surface, making it a prominent aesthetic choice in architectural designs and historical structures. Basalt natural stone has a predominantly blackish hue and is characterized by its homogeneous structure. It is confidently used in road paving and has been considered a functional option in bridge construction in the past. Thanks to its resistance to heat, it finds application in fire doors, boiler rooms, ceiling insulation, chimney flues, and various other areas.

The Rising Value of Recent Years…

The production of basalt natural stone is increasing, and it is considered a healthy alternative due to not emitting odors. Its ease of availability has expanded its areas of use. In our country, basalt natural stone is considered a sought-after choice for construction structures and is used in railway and asphalt construction as well. Being a healthy, durable, and readily available type of stone, it is a preferred option in pavement construction. It is safely applied in areas like bread ovens, thanks to its ability to retain heat.

With a dense texture, basalt natural stone maintains its homogeneous structure due to its water absorption feature. It is also transferred internationally through international ports. Thanks to its heat resistance, basalt natural stone is viewed as one of the most economical methods for heating homes.

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