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Bumer Stone’s signature is under every stone.

Bumer Stone was founded in 2007 and aims to provide its customers with a unique experience by combining its rich experience in the natural stone field with the innovations of the era. We not only offer wholesale and retail sales solutions but also excel as one of the industry’s leading names through applications and creative projects. We are known for our commitment to carefully analyze our customers’ needs and expectations and provide the most suitable product options.

Bumer Stone is passionately dedicated to developing products and services that add value to your living spaces. We offer a variety of products obtained from natural stone quarries, including granite, mosaic, basalt, andesite, slate, travertine, marble powder, and landscaping stones, tailored to our customers’ preferences. As we expand our product range day by day, we assist you in creating safe and aesthetic designs for both interior and exterior decoration. With our experienced team and high-quality products, Bumer Stone continues its successful journey, aiming to maximize customer satisfaction.

Trust us to help you bring to life unique projects where the beauty and durability of natural stones come together!

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