Kadıköy Protek Construction Basalt & Granite Application

At Protek Construction, with our new project in Kadıköy, we specialize your spaces by combining durability and aesthetics. Our application of basalt and granite is not just a pathway and storefront; it is also an expression of quality and elegance.

The basalt pathway used in Protek Construction’s project in Kadıköy stands out for its strength and durability. Thanks to its high resistance, it offers a solution that can be used for many years without deformation even under heavy loads. Additionally, its natural appearance and smooth surface add an aesthetic layer to its surroundings.

Storefronts are where a business creates its first impression. The granite stones we chose in our project in Kadıköy add elegance and durability to the storefronts. The natural color tones and textures of granite highlight the outdoor space of your business in a harmonious and contemporary way.

Just like in every project, at Bumer Stone, we worked with a focus on personalized design and environmental harmony in this project. We designed the basalt and granite application to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings, creating a functional and aesthetic unity.

With this special application, Bumer Stone combines quality craftsmanship and natural beauty in Kadıköy, designing your spaces to be both visually appealing and durable.