Istanbul Fatih Granite Project

The granite stone paving project carried out by Bumer Stone in the garden of Muallim Yahya Primary School in Istanbul Fatih brings together aesthetic design and durability, offering a pleasant area for students and teachers.

The granite stone slabs chosen for the garden area create an elegant and durable surface suitable for the use of students and teachers. Each slab carries the unique texture of carefully selected natural stone, adding an aesthetic touch to the school garden.

Granite stone slabs stand out for their resilience to harsh weather conditions, ensuring a safe use of the garden area for students and teachers. This durability allows you to enjoy an aesthetic and secure space for many years.

As part of the project, we offer color options and design flexibility that meet the needs and aesthetic preferences of the school. Each granite stone slab revives the school garden with complementary and diverse color tones.

At Bumer Stone, we take pride in providing a peaceful and aesthetic environment for students and teachers while maintaining our quality standards in educational spaces. The granite stone paving project at Fatih Muallim Yahya Primary School is a reflection of the quality of Bumer Stone.