Emirgan Basalt & Granite Application

In Emirgan, harmonizing with the historic atmosphere of nature, the basalt and granite application carried out with the signature of Bumer Stone combines the aesthetic and functional use of an independent garden.

The walkway created within the garden is paved with carefully selected basalt stones. The natural texture and durability of basalt provide both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting use to this walkway. Each step integrates with the natural beauty of Emirgan.

The open parking area has been meticulously designed with selected granite stones. The aesthetic appeal of granite enriches the overall atmosphere of the garden, while its durability provides a long-lasting solution suitable for vehicle weight. Aesthetics and functionality coexist in this area.

This application in Emirgan is built on principles of environmental harmony and integration with nature. Every detail reflects the beauty of nature, creating a harmonious unity with the overall aesthetics of the garden.

At Bumer Stone, we prioritize customer expectations in every project. This application in Emirgan has been designed according to the specific requests and preferences of the owner of the independent garden, offering personalized spaces.

We take pride in being part of this project in Emirgan, where aesthetics and durability coexist with the beauty of nature. This application reflects the quality of Bumer Stone and our unique design philosophy.