Beykoz Travertine Application

The travertine poolside application brought to life with the signature of Bumer Stone in Beykoz combines simple and natural beauty, creating an elegant atmosphere unique to this magnificent region.

The travertine stones chosen for the project are selected to harmonize with the unique natural atmosphere of Beykoz. The natural color tones and texture of travertine not only add aesthetic elegance to the poolside but also reflect the distinctive beauty of nature, creating a specific charm for this area.

The poolside arrangement stands out with its simple and elegant design. The special arrangement of travertine stones elegantly frames the pool surroundings, contributing to this area becoming not just a poolside but a relaxing space beyond.

The travertine poolside application in Beykoz not only offers aesthetic elegance but also emphasizes functionality. The travertine floor by the pool provides comfortable use, while the textures created by natural rocks offer unique visual appeal to the area.

At Bumer Stone, we always design our projects to be in harmony with environmental features and the beauty of the region. Our travertine poolside application in Beykoz reflects a design approach that meets the natural beauty of this region and highlights it.