Beykoz Mansions Basalt Application

The basalt road and terrace paving application brought to life with the quality of Bumer Stone in Beykoz Mansions combines the elegance of nature with modern design, offering residents a unique living space.

The basalt road created within Beykoz Mansions combines durability with aesthetics. Each stone carefully placed on this road reflects the tranquility of nature and the mansion atmosphere, providing residents with a peaceful walking path.

The basalt stones used on the terraces of the mansions create a ground that harmonizes with modern design principles. Basalt, with its natural and flat surface, transforms terrace areas into stylish and functional spaces.

The basalt road and terrace paving application not only provides an aesthetic appearance but also emphasizes functionality. This design brings the texture of nature to living spaces while offering users a durable and long-lasting solution.

At Bumer Stone, we design our projects by prioritizing the expectations and comfort of residents. This application in Beykoz Mansions is not just about creating an elegant environment but also aims to establish comfortable living spaces.

As Bumer Stone, we take pride in bringing together the beauty of nature and modern design in this special application at Beykoz Mansions, offering residents a unique living experience.